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Friday, April 08, 2005

Singin' and Swingin' and Merry Like Christmas

My husband and I don't often let Gumdrop go into our bedroom. It just seems like I should have ONE place in the house where decorative tchotchke is displayed on the end tables, where books are safely tucked in their case. But once in a while, he does enter our domain and, needless to say, he doesn't leave the place as he found it.

Yesterday, Gumdrop noticed something on my bedside table that he hadn't seen before--a small, heart-shaped blue Wedgewood dish. It had belonged to my grandmother who died last December. My aunt brought it with her when she came to visit recently, knowing Grandma would be pleased that I had it. Gumdrop snatched it up and ran to the bedroom window where he tapped it gently on the sill. Next, he set it on the treadmill, just long enough to admire it. And then, deciding it had already given him all pleasure he was going to get, he brought the dish back to me and took another item off the table.

It was a small bag made of fabric. White and irridescent with satin drawstrings. The kind a bride might use for wedding favors. Gumdrop knew it held something fun, but he didn't know what. It contained (among other things) dried, red rose petals which he gently touched through the bag. And then, in a flash, he was off! He ran out of the room, laughing and squealing, swinging the bag by its strings. The look on his face dared me to chase him. When I followed him out to the den, he was standing on the opposite side of the coffee table, swinging the bag over his head and singing, "WHEE oh! WHEE oh!" Forunately, I was able to get the bag away from him without incident.

My grandmother never had the chance to meet Gumdrop, her first and only great-grandchild, before she died. Still, she adored him and talked about him with friends and strangers alike. If she was watching us yesterday, I know she was getting a huge kick out of seeing him run around the room and laugh with abandon while swinging a bag of her "cremains." She'd be laughing, too. I can just hear her.


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