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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Say What?

I could eat this little Dumplin' up. I just want to nibble his neck and gnaw on his cheek, but he won't sit still long enough to let me. The fact that he's becoming more assertive (thus, more irritated with me) at this age dims in the light of his utter darlingness.

Yesterday, Dumplin' asked me, "Up-pa-pa? Up-pa-pa? Do Do? Do Do? Deedee? Deedee? Deedee?" Trans: "Will you please take me upstairs so that I can watch 'Jo Jo's Circus' on the TV?" Okay, so Dumplin' didn't actually construct a sentence, but I knew what he was saying. And he loved that I got it. He did not, however, love the fact that I replied, "No, honey, we're going for a ride to the bookstore right now."

The language barrier can be frustrating at times. Dumplin' seems to understand me just fine. Apparently, I'm the one with the problem. It took me a good five minutes to figure out what he wanted after lunch the other day. Though five minutes may not seem like a long time, it is an eternity a toddler who believes his deepest yearnings are being completely disregarded by his neglectful mother.

Dumplin' was sitting in his highchair, pointing to the kitchen asking, "Uh-dee? Uh-dee? Uh-dee?" over and over (and over) again. What could he be saying? Some cheese? I get some cheese. He makes it patently clear that cheese was not what he asked for. I am clueless. A lost cause.

And then, it hits me: "Brush teeth! Do you want to brush your teeth?" Dumplin' smiles and nods rapidly. We both feel relieved. We brush his teeth. Not only is he brilliant, but he prizes good hygiene at an early age.

I pray he'll be this excited about deodorant when he's thirteen.

Speaking of teeth, I've had this little ditty in my head all day, courtesy of '70s Saturday morning cartoons on ABC:
They call me yuck mouth
'cause I don't brush!
Oh, I like my teeth like this,
They call me yuck mouth
'cause I don't brush!
How about a little kiss?
I got some beef in my teeth,
got some chicken, too -
OW! That's a cavity!
(Hey, that's new!)
So if you don't brush your teeth
then yes, you too will be a yuck mouth!


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