A Little Treat, Just Because

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mr. Clean Will Clean Your House And Everything That's In It

I've always thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Pipsqueak likes to pretend to clean--he dusts, vaccuums, sweeps the floor, washes windows, etc. Aside from the fact that this pastime is cute and entertains the company, I'm banking on him being a big help around the house when he's a bit older. If Pipsqueak manages to get his hands on a papertowel or Handi-Wipe, he's instantly off to wipe the glass coffee table in the living room. But apparently, he doesn't understand the difference between a Swiffer cloth and the Kleenex that mama just used to clean his messy nose. No, he didn't attempt to blow his nose with the Swiffer cloth. Let's just say, the coffee table and two glass end tables, along with the front of our gas fireplace, and the storm door all look a lot more smeared than usual.


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