A Little Treat, Just Because

Saturday, April 09, 2005

If it's chocolate, it wants me to eat it.

As an adult, I'm only mildly amused (if that) by much of the things that sent me into laughing hysterics as, say, an eight year old. Similarly, the things that embarassed me have changed, too. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

One of the reasons I think adulthood is better than childhood is that I can say "I love" in reference to something (rather than someone) without having a twerpy classmate ask, "Do ya wanna marry it?" That question always made me regret my declaration. Though the classmate was the one asking the lame question, I was the one who ended up feeling like a big dummy.

Since I am no longer eight, I would like to take this opportunity to formally proclaim my l-o-v-e for chocolate. And yes, if it was possible to marry chocolate, I would, for I already am in a life-long, committed relationship with it. All forms of it. (With the exception of white chocolate which isn't actually chocolate at all.) It is my drug of choice because it truly does take the "edge" off. (By now, my life should be edge-less, but alas, it is not.) As a youngster, I preferred the milk variety. Now my tastes lean toward dark, and the darker, the better. I will gladly eat cheap chocolate, but the one who gifts me with Vosges wins the key to my heart. Speaking of my heart, the isoflavones in dark chocolate are a health benefit that justifies my consumption. God must love chocolate, too.

I also l-o-v-e cheese, and I have beheld its power at every possible opportunity during my lifetime. As a youngster, I enjoyed the Velveeta variety (which isn't actually cheese at all). Now I prefer stinky cheese, and my current favorite is Maytag Blue Cheese. (Those washing machine folks sure do know how to make a good cheese.) I would marry cheese, too, except that I have high cholesterol. So, I'm hoping to fall in love with soy cheese. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.


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