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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

I had gone out of town over the weekend, leaving my "boys" at home. Last night, when the taxi brought me back, Dooddlebug, his daddy, and our crazy Keeshond were standing at the front door, waiting for me. I was so happy to see them. I picked up Doodlebug and had just enough time to kiss his cheek before he insisted I put him down. He ran over to the piano and pulled out the bench, motioning for me to sit down and play piano with him. We banged out a brief "duet," just before he trotted to his room to bring me several of his toys.

Undeniably, he gets his love of the piano and of making music from his Grandpa. We both do. When I was a little girl, every time I had the chance to blow out birthday candles and make a wish, that wish was to have a piano. Sometimes I also wished to meet Donny Osmond (and for the record, that wish came true once I was an adult), but even when my Donny Love waned, I still longed for a piano. I got my wish as a teenager when Dad bought a used upright at a church sale. Today, I own the piano my husband's family had when he was a child. And thanks to my dad, Doodlebug also has an electronic keyboard, complete with built-in microphone and drum machine. What more could a 20-month old possibly want? (Maybe a guitar, vacuum cleaner or a lawnmower, but Grandpa already took care of of those.)

A passion for playing music (by ear, I should note) is just one of the qualities that I admire in my father. I also enjoy his silly sense of humor, and I hope Doodlebug has inherited that, too. I spent the weekend with Dad, my mom, and sisters at the hospital because he had a heart attack Friday morning. After my sisters and I arrived there, one of the first things he said (in his ET the Extra Terrestrial voice) was "ET, phone home!" He pointed toward us with his left index finger, his fingertip emitting red light having been fitted with a pulse monitor.

In addition to playing piano and guitar, Dad likes to sing--Elvis songs, in particular--and he sings well. In fact, in recent years, he has been known, on limited special occasions, to make appearances as Calvis Preskey. Aside from his creative abilities, Dad is an intelligent businessperson and a man of integrity. What's more, he's really good at cleaning the house! (That must be why Doddlebug loves the Swiffer Sweeper.) More importantly, Dad is loving and compassionate, and he has persevered during difficult times because of his faith in God. There is much to admire about my father.

I don't know how to convey in words, written or spoken, how much I love him. "Love" seems like such a puny word for describing how I feel and what I want him to know. My father makes me glad I have a son, happy that I named my baby after him, and thankful that my child has him for a grandfather. It is the cry of my heart that Dad will be good-as-new before long so that will hear me, his grandbaby, and the rest of his family say, "I love you" for many years to come. I LOVE YOU, DADDY!


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