A Little Treat, Just Because

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Who you callin' spoiled?

The Boy Child's auntie visited last weekend, arriving Thursday while he was fast asleep so that she could greet him first thing Friday morning. Unbelievably, it had been six months since her last visit ("A third of his life!" she'd said). On the night before she was supposed to have flown up in November, she fell down some steps and broke her leg. Her heart broke a little, too. Needless to say, she couldn't wait to see how much The Boy Child had grown and changed. Little did she know, earlier Thursday night, The Boy Child met his NEWEST best friend.

Much to our surprise, Grampy--recent giver of the talking vaccum and the John Deere mower--sent his Future Musician Grandchild a purple-and-yellow toy electric guitar, complete with a combination microphone stand/amplifier. When The Boy Child saw it, he was gleeful. Utterly enraputured. Getting him to go to bed that night was more complicated than usual for he had played with the Dih-DAH (trans: guitar) all evening and wasn't ready for the jam session to end. On Friday morning, the day of the Much Anticipated Reunion with Auntie, Daddy got The Boy Child up and proceeded with their regular routine. As Daddy approaced the changing table, The Boy Child began to point to his bedroom door and wail, "Dih-DAH! Dih-DAH!" repeatedly. Elephant tears dripped off his chin.

Auntie sat on the living room sofa, eagerly awaiting the appearance of The Boy Child. As soon as he was dressed, he trotted straight out to the guitar. Auntie wanted hugs and kisses, but The Boy Child wanted to play his "axe." And when he did, he reminded us of U2's bassist, Adam Clayton. This kisses could wait.


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