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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

When Oven Mitts Attack

Accessories of modern domesticity are Wonder Boy's favorite playthings.

My nice, beige Williams-Sonoma oven mitts never manage to stay in the kitchen drawer for very long. They're either on the living room coffee table or in the middle of the kitchen floor. Wonder Boy loves to play with them ever since Daddy created ROBSTER CRAW! Robster Craw chases Wonder Boy around the room, and makes a scary sound--like a lion's roar. When it catches the Boy, it tickles him on the neck, under his arms, etc. When Daddy isn't home, Wonder Boy trots around the house with an oven mitt on each hand, and sometimes the roaring Robster Craw chomps on his loving mother.

Wonder Boy's fascination with The Big, Black Plastic Slotted Spoon--and carrying the end of said spoon in his mouth--began to wane once I adhered the rubber bulb of a turkey baster to the end of the handle (with a big wad of packing tape) and began calling it the Safety Spoon. Go figure.

The Swiffer Sweeper's role has officially been usurped by the toy vacuum cleaner (thanks to Grammy and Grampy). But a plain ol' paper towel will almost instantly satisfy a Whiny Wonder Boy. He'll use it to "clean" the coffee table, the floor, the storm door. . .

Someday, his wife will thank me.


At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"RRRRRAAAAAAWWWW" - Robster Craw (Posted by Dee-Dah)

At 11:14 AM, Blogger KDunk said...

When Oven Mitts Attack may have to be a book title. Sooo good.


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