A Little Treat, Just Because

Sunday, February 13, 2005

No need to thank me. Really.

As soon as Dumplin's Daddy came home from work, Dumplin' and I were ready to be taken out to dinner. While Daddy took care of the diaper change, I packed a sippy cup, fruit and whole wheat crackers for Dumplin to snack on while awaiting his entree. I also had the job of getting the Krazy Keeshond to sit and stay while Daddy and Dumplin' walked out the door. (The homemade peanutbutter cookie from the local doggy bakery worked quite well.) It also was up to me to bring the car/house keys which were sitting on the dining room table. All of this is our typical get-out-of-the-house routine. But I didn't realize, until I was standing in the driveway with the carport door locked behind me and Daddy asking, "Did you get the keys?" that I. . . didn't. I found the hollowed-out rock in which we hide our spare housekey. It was empty, naturally.

The other thing I didn't bother to bring was my coat. Lately, I haven't wanted to take my coat when I leave the house with the boy. It's just one more thing to remember. But it was 30 degrees and windy, and we were locked out of the house. I wished I had brought my coat.

I knew our hungry boy wasn't going to tolerate sitting in the car without going anywhere for very long. So I got into the backseat (thank God I hadn't locked the car) and began feeding him banana and crackers. Daddy used his cell phone to find a locksmith with emergency service and was told that someone would be out to unlock our door in 30 minutes. About a minute later, Daddy asked, "Is the front door locked?" "I'm sure it is," I replied. After all, if it wasn't, that would mean I had forgotten to lock it. "But why don't you go check it, just in case," I suggested.

Seconds later, Daddy was waving at Dumplin' from inside the house. For once, I was glad to have forgotten something.


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