A Little Treat, Just Because

Thursday, January 13, 2005

We're gonna shake, shake, shake our sillies out!

The Boy Child and I had a ball at his little toddlers' music class. As the youngest member of the group, he's still putting all of the instruments into his mouth. Playing them? Not so much. The instructor sweetly asked me if he can walk. He can indeed. He also runs, climbs, and dances to whatever the Wiggles are singing. But for this class--and for this class only--his tiny hiney is Krazy Glued to my lap. And that's okay by me.

I had hoped that by the time we returned home, The Dog would have recovered from his bout with "the runs." (Discovering your dog has diarrhea is quite a way to greet the morning, by the way.) We have an "energetic" Keeshond who spins and twirls whenever he gets really excited about a tasty treat. Today, this means he's kind of doing an unintentional--and disgusting--impersonation of Jackson Pollock. Henceforth, I shall withold treats until he can contain himself.


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