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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rock On, Brother Man

Squidlet (his father-given moniker) is infatuated with the guitar and the piano. Being that the piano is in the living room, it is readily accessible and easily taken for granted. Daddy's guitar, on the other hand, is whoknowswhere. Our boy longs to play the guitar.

Tuesday night, we took Squidlet out to dinner at one of those restaurants that has reproduction Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia on the walls. At some point during the meal, he saw It. Pointing and frustrated squealing ensued. "Dih-DAH!" he insisted. When I finally looked out from beneath the giant faux Tiffany-style hanging lamp, I saw--mounted on the wall above our table--a guitar. (More confirmation of toddler brilliance.)

When we go to Squidlet's music "class," he doesn't really care about shaking the bells or playing with the parachute. He wants the guitar. It sits in the corner and beckons. So when we returned home from class today, I picked up the big, black, plastic, slotted kitchen spoon he likes to play with (future musician AND chef) and briefly strummed it like a guitar. The sound I made was, "Bdumm, bdumm, bdummm!" (which is, of course, the very same sound a guitar makes). Squidlet played Kitchen Spoon Guitar. And then Hairbrush Guitar. Followed by Cordless Phone Guitar, Book Guitar, and Tummy Guitar.

Watching someone play air guitar has never been so entertaining.


At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Amanda now equals thespiafair and she reminds you that the 20th was her 22nd b-day CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? Go ahead shit a brick :) Sqidlit is hilarious first of all and second of all com see my "blog" okay? xo


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