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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just At That Age

Every Sunday morning, I dread taking Lovemuffin to the church nursery so that I can attend the worship service. Sometimes it's just easier to skip church altogether. (I have more guilt than most about playing hooky because Lovemuffin's Daddy is one of the ministers, and today, he was preaching.) But I should go because I need that hour of peace and stillness to sing, pray, and meditate on God. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Actually, I'm not very meditative these days because I'm too busy clutching the restaurant-style beeper tightly in my palm (for fear that it'll vibrate and I won't know it) and wondering whether I should just go rescue Lovemuffin and retreat to Starbucks for a Grande Skim Sugar-Free Decaf No-Whip Hazlenutt Latte (mine) and a blueberry muffin (his).

Experienced parents I know tell me that at 18 months, he's just "at that age." When Lovemuffin clues into the fact that he's getting ready to be deserted in the nursery among the shelves of molded-plastic toys, he wails like his heart is breaking, clutches my leg, and cries, "Mamamamamamaaaaa!" Each time, I want to give in. I keep hoping that I'm having a harder time with this than he his--that he perks right up as soon as I leave and has a blast. But today, when I came to retrieve my boy, his eyes were red and a fresh teardrop was perched atop each precious cheek.


At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, I didn't leave my precious Hula Girl until she WAS 18 months in the church nursery. It was the biggest mistake of my life.
Because I am a stay at home mom my precious girl was always with me. So when we went to church I just opted out of taking her to the nursery and went and sat in the cry room.
After years (literally years) of dealing with the crying and tears and even at 7 sometimes still dealing with it, I decided if we ever had another one that I would NOT do that. I wanted them to feel secure enough in my love to trust that I would be back and that I loved them. The old nursery worker use to tell me to not let Hula Girl see me sweat the drop offs. She advised me on how to be consistant and loving but firm. To encourage her that Jesus and mommy love her. Also to reinforce that my hesitation can be felt even though it's not verbalized!
Then Hula Boy came along. He sent our life into a tailspin! He's a very nonchallaunt kind of little boy. I put him in the nursery from month 2.
He has never cared one thing whether I come or go. Now that is a switch and sometimes hurts a little BUT it's much better than the crying fest.
Be strong. The more consistant you are...the better it will be for him.
I use to have to count to ten before getting out of the car and taking a deep breath. Let loose of the beeper and meditate on God.
Do you even wonder if God is clutching his beeper waiting for you to meditate on Him?
With much care
Hula Doula


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