A Little Treat, Just Because

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I learned my lesson.

For obvious reasons, the cordless phone is an appealing toy for a busy toddler. Having The Boy Child carry it around and push buttons is harmless. Allowing The Boy Child to play with it becomes a problem, however, when he decides it's even more fun to BANG it on the coffee table, the floor, and the dog. That's when you have to be Mean Mommy and remove it from The Boy Child's sticky grip. And THAT is where the fun ends. In fact, it comes to an abrupt, screeching (and I mean SCREECHING) halt. And then, of course, it's time to change the diaper because The Boy Child pooped while in cordless-phone bliss. (Now that I think about it, blissful play often results in a poop. But I digress.) If The Boy Child could speak in a language I understand, he would say, "I was having fun and then it was all shot to hell, thanks to her!" To which I'd reply, "Baby, I'm just getting started."


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*snicker Give him the phone and put him on the potty!! Two birds with one stone!! LOL!


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