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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"I don't have a square to spare!"

In the classic, beloved episode of "Seinfeld" titled, "The Stall," Elaine claimed not to have a piece of toilet paper to give to the desperately drip-drying trixie in the adjacent bathroom stall. Of course, she wasn't telling the truth. But I am not being facetious when I say, I can not spare a brain cell. I clearly need every stinkin' last one of them.

Pregnancy and parenthood seem to have obliterated my memory. That's why I had to leave a pathetic message on my Dear, Wonderful Girlfriend's answering machine today, owning my toad-dom for having forgotten her birthday last week. The thing is, it was clearly written on the calendar, AND I had bought a card! To tell you the truth, I have quite a nice collection of cards that I (proudly) purchased early and forgot to send to various people. One of them was for my grandmother who died--yes, DIED--before I could send it. How pathetic is that!? (Don't tell me. I know.)

So last week, there was the forgetting of Precious Friend's birthday. Two days before, I botched an appointment by somehow telling myself it was scheduled for a half-hour later than it actually was. I read the correct time on the calendar and left the house early to run errands beforehand. And then I killed time at the bookstore--time that was not mine to kill! Meanwhile, Appointment Gal was calling my home, brusquely asking my husband where the heck I was. Fortunately, I had remembered to charge my usually-dead cell phone so that he could call and ask, "Where ARE you?"

Clearly, my organizational system isn't working.


At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi this is Amanda and I LOVE that Seinfeld episode


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