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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Christmas Strikes Again

The World's Greatest Grammy and Grampy visited this weekend and, naturally, they showered their Little Joybell with fabulous toddler-appropriate gifts. For the child who is happy to while away the hours pushing the Swiffer Sweeper across the livingroom floor, a vacuum cleaner that TALKS is a guaranteed hit. It's looks like a miniature, purple version of our yellow Dyson Cyclone--complete with see-through dirt/doghair cannister.

Owning a Dyson makes me feel a little more glam than I did when I owned a Hoover--simply because it's creator, Mr. Dyson (who stars in his commercial), speaks with an English accent. You've undoubtedly heard his voice: "Und a few thowzand prototypes laytuh, I hod it!" No wonder our boy thought the big vacuum was super cool. It may suprise you to know the Fisher Price version is significantly less refined. In fact, along with the 30-or-so cute phrases it says, it hurls underhanded insults in the direction of the child's innocently-bystanding mother. "Did a tornado come through here?" and "This place is a pigsty!" are two of my personal. . .um. . .favorites.

As if the talking vacuum wasn't enough, Grampy ALSO presented his grandbaby with a push lawnmower--not just ANY mower, mind you, but a John Deere. I told the grandbaby, "Men 20 years older than you would kill for one of these." Granted, it's a plastic play mower, but that's a detail he doesn't have to mention when he's bragging to his buddies.


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